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Dream Kumo

Startup Co-Founder

The idea for Dreamkumo was to create an online community where users could share dreams, cheer on thier friends, and connect with fellow dream makers.

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dreamkumo start page
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vitamix responsive website redesign


Senior Interactive Designer

I was a member of Vitamix's in-house web team. We were responsible for the the redesign and launch of Vitamix.com We worked closely with other departments and companies to provide a responisve website and digital material for ad campaigns.

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dreamkumo start page
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efuneral UX, graphic design and icon design


UX and Graphic Designer

I was contracted by efuneral.com to help design a new user interface. This interface was used in a different test market. This allowed efuneral to compare user patterns and behaviors from multiple sites.

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efuneral new home and icons
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Startup Bus 2012, UX and design

Brainz With Friends

Startup UX and Graphic Designer

I participated in The Startup Bus 2012 competition. Teams had 72 hours to build and launch a startup on a bus. Our bus travelled from Cincinnati Ohio to Austin Texas. The final competition was held at SXSW. Along the way our bus stopped at a variety of Business Incubators and Accelerators to gain insight, pitch our ideas and meet with mentors.

Our Strartup, Brainz With Friends, was a mashup between Word With Friends and a simple turn based combat game. I helped our team with the design and with mapping out all of the game play. We didn't win the competition but I gained valuable experience and meet some great people.

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facebook connect, check in to play
select faction, detect players
combat mode, leader boards
Civic Commons Badge Designs
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Heros Of Newerth Ventrillo Registration
Plainwell Comfort Inn
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North East Ohio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Will Kesling The Comedian
Tye Tyson YA Author, Custom Square Space, Responsive Site
37 Tuesdays Custom Square Space
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Custom World of Warcraft Ventrilo Skin